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We play a combination of gigs / events ... either as The Dirge or just plain ol' me as a solo act. <<Click here>> if you want to contact me to get us to play an event for you.

Here's what's happening / happened this year:

Upcoming gigs
January 27, 2006 Mountainview / Palo Alto, California. Stephen King acoustic-solo gig. Stay tuned for event details!
Smoking gigs
December 15, 2005 Calgary, AB. "University of Calgary, Haskane School of Business" Stephen King, Dave King, Jeff Goguen, Art Thiessen, Jeff Goguen
November 23, 2005 Zihuantenjo, Mexico. "Solo show for Cruise Ship tourists" Stephen King
November 5, 2005 Seattle, WA. "Solo acoustic opening act w/ 4 other bands" Stephen King
October 20, 2005 Vancouver, BC. "Discovery Conference" Stephen King, Dave King, Jeff Goguen, Paul Bellavie
September 10, 2005 Calgary, AB. "CD Release Gig" Stephen King, Dave King, Jeff Goguen, Art Thiessen, Paul Bellavie, Nathan Krentz
July 22, 2005 Wainwright, AB. "Miller Barn Gig." Stephen King, Dave King and Mike Frisell

... AND, we wanna play lots more!

Contact me If you have a party, event or gig that requires some good dirginess that's a combination of original tunes and cover tunes in the vein of Tom Petty meets Coldplay meets The Proclaimers meets White Stripes meets Stevie Ray ... get in touch!

Also, I play solo acoustic gigs with singing (if ya want) or just as background muzak (think: "art show opening" a la my Echo and Echo 2 CDs). I'll get back to you asap with availability and pricing.

Your information, puhleaze:

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What date are ye lookin' fer?

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What musical accompianment would suit yer needs:

  1. Full rockin' out Dirge
  2. Stephen solo / songwriting / singer
  3. Stephen solo / background guitar chamber_type muzak

Anything else you wanna say / ask?

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