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Fields of Yellow 2005 A double CD, Fields of Yellow (with the second CD called “Starving to Death in the Belly of a Whale”) is my best work to date. <click for more>>


Echo2 2005 Echo2 is the big brother of Echo ... all instrumentals, this time all original, a guitar tapestry with live drums and more of an edge. <click for more>>


The Optic Frog Sessions 2001 The original tunes ... remastered "greatest hits" from 3 albums from 1988 - 1993. Includes "Housefly" and "I Had a Dog". <<click for more>> $10.00
!Yeah! 1995 This album needs to be played loud 'cause there's lots of heavy pop guitars, mutli-tracked vocals and full digital production. Dual media CD includes program and videos for your PC. <click for more>> $10.00
Echo 1998 A collection of acoustic, classical, jazz and folk guitar instrumentals with some bass and tabla accompianement. Perfect background music for chillaxin', as nephew Shaun would say. <click for more>> $10.00
Temporarily Jaded 2000 Mostly B-sides from Yeah! ... I went back and fooled around with them. A more thoughtful CD with lots of guitars ... natch, but also some keyboards and curveballs. <click for more>> $10.00

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